What is Past Life Regression?

It is possible for a person to have fears, phobias, anxieties, diseases, repetitive behavior patterns and disorders that might originate from experiences in former lifetimes.

Past Life Regression is a therapeutic technique that resolves these issues by bringing events of a past life into consciousness so that healing can occur through a deeper understanding of the origin of the issue while in an expanded state of awareness. The insights gained through revisiting previous incarnations often promote healing in your current life.

Other Benefits of Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression can:

  • Reveal the identity of other souls that you travel with through many incarnations and the different roles they play.
  • Familiarize you with “life themes” that are discovered by exploring different incarnations.
  • Help you connect with your guide(s) and guidance.
  • Bring much greater clarity to your journey and purpose in your current lifetime.

“Myra guided me through the regression process which has helped me build confidence in making decisions and brought enlightenment about my life purpose.”

Wendy L.
Las Vegas, Nevada

Are You a Good Candidate for Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression can help people in many ways. You may be a good candidate for a Past Life Regression session if you’ve ever considered any of the following:

  • Do you have fears, phobias, anxieties, diseases, repetitive behavior patterns and disorders you cannot seem to overcome?
  • Are there people in your current life that you feel especially connected with? Have you ever wondered if you have known them in other lifetimes?
  • Have you ever considered why you are here on this earth in this lifetime?

How Does Past Life Regression Work?

Past Life Regression uses hypnosis to access the subconscious mind. It is analogous to the brain state you are in when you are driving and your mind wanders, when you are daydreaming and just before you are fully awake or just before you fall asleep. It is a very natural process as you experience these states of mind many times on a daily basis.

About Past Life Regression Sessions

A Past Life Regression takes approximately 2 hours. It is a very comfortable, safe and relaxing process. Every session is tailored to your particular needs. Myra guides you through a uniquely personal journey that takes you to the times and places in your past that can bring you the answers, the changes and the clarity you are seeking. Going beyond the parameters of the usual Past Life Regression experience, Myra guides you past your physical transition, connecting you to higher self (soul) and your guide(s), you are always aware of your surroundings during the session and remember everything that you experience. Past Life Regression sessions are facilitated in Myra’s Henderson office or online.

Price: $295

Past Life Regressions with Myra Farrell, M.A.

Myra has helped hundreds conquer fears, resolve diseases and disorders through her customized, guided past life regressions. Myra’s passion has been connecting clients with their guidance through this deeply meaningful and empowering experience for over 20 years. Myra is Certified in Past Life Regression as well as a Newton Institute Certified Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist.

“Doing my Past Life Regression online meant I could experience the session, a visit to my past life on a plantation in the deep South, from the comfort of my bedroom.” – “Kristina S, Las Vegas, Nevada”

Online Past Life Regressions

Using online technology, Myra can facilitate a Past Life Regression wherever you may be. You will need:

  • A tablet or computer with a camera and microphone.
  • A reliable internet connection.
  • A comfortable, quiet place to lie down or recline.
  • To position your camera so that Myra can clearly see you from the waist up during the session.

Past Life Regression is truly a life altering experience. It can lead you down a new path and help you “Live Life on Purpose!”

Book your Past Life Regression session with Myra today by choosing the link below or calling/texting (702) 204-7007.

About Myra Farrell

My passion is connecting my clients to their “Guidance”. Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression and Past Life Regression have become the center of my practice. I find this work extremely rewarding as it truly has a life altering impact on my clients.

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