What is Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression?

Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression is a deep hypnotic process designed to reconnect you with your soul self (higher self), your guiding beings and thereby awaken an understanding of your immortal identity. This session connects you with higher self and allows you experience your existence in the spirit world between physical incarnations.

What You Will Discover During Your Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression Session

In this state you may have access to information about:

  • All of your previous incarnations.
  • The souls you travel with through your lifetimes.
  • Your primary soulmate.
  • Your spirit guide(s).
  • Your life and body selection.
  • Your purpose in this lifetime.
  • And much more.

Odette Says

“Absolutely life changing! I went back to a presence of love, feeling female and male energy, knowing they are the higher power I come from. I traveled with my guide, Azul, who stayed with me the entire time. I was able to speak to my soul group. We were so happy to see one another! I could see my purpose while here. I was able to see the bodies I could choose from and why I am the person I am while in this existence.”

Odette S.
Las Vegas, Nevada

How Does Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression Work?

Using hypnosis to access the subconscious mind, Myra guides you past your physical death in your last incarnation (prior to your current life). You will come into contact with your guide(s) and higher beings that help to facilitate this experience and assist in guiding you through your visit to the spirit world. In this realm, there is a review of your soul’s journey, giving you insights into your current incarnation and clarifying the lessons and purpose of this lifetime. You will also:

  • Visit your “soul group” and in doing so gain a deeper understanding of those souls that you repeatedly travel with throughout many Lifetimes.
  • Discover special gifts and talents that you utilize in the spirit world.
  • Learn about the variety of physical and geographical options you had for this incarnation.
  • Better understand why you chose your particular body and location for your current incarnation.

Discover Your Life’s Purpose

All throughout this process, Myra will guide you to receive information and energy from your guide(s) and higher beings and assist you in recognizing your current life challenges and lessons. This life changing view of your soul’s journey brings new clarity, meaning and purpose to your life. It gives you the opportunity to evaluate your current direction and choices and make adjustments that reflect what you have discovered in your journey to the spirit world. It is never too late to choose again.

Connecting with Your Guide(s)

As you move into the experience of the afterlife, you connect with your guide(s) who are key to helping you navigate in your journey through this realm. Myra assists you in anchoring the images of your guide(s) and guidance, solidifying that connection in order to enable you to access your guidance at any time as you move forward in your life. This knowledge and connection is one of the greatest long term gifts of this session.

About Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression Sessions

A Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression takes approximately 3 – 5 hours. It is a very comfortable, safe and relaxing process. Every session is tailored to your particular needs. Myra guides you through a uniquely personal journey that takes you to the times and places in your past that can bring you the answers, the changes and the clarity you are seeking.  You are always aware of your surroundings during the session and remember everything that you experience. Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression sessions are facilitated in Myra’s Henderson office and online.

Online Life Between Lives Spiritual Regressions

Using online technology, Myra can facilitate a Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression wherever you may be. You will need:

  • A tablet or computer with a camera and microphone.
  • A reliable internet connection.
  • A comfortable, quiet place to lie down or recline.

Life Between Lives Spiritual Regressions with Myra Farrell, M.A.

Myra has helped many through her customized, guided Life Between Lives Spiritual Regressions. Myra’s passion has been connecting clients with their guidance through this deeply meaningful and empowering experience for over 20 years. Myra is Certified in Past Life Regression as well as a Newton Institute Certified Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist.

Book your Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression session with Myra today by choosing a button on this page or calling/texting (702) 204-7007.

Walt Says

“Myra’s professional but kind matter-of-factness, and most particularly her unwillingness to compromise on time and procedure, won my trust. Her kind and thoughtful manner greatly helped me relax and was of great import for the work of guiding my visit into the spiritual realm.”

Walt A.
Logan, Utah

Still not sure what type of session is for you? Myra can help.

About Myra Farrell

My passion is connecting my clients to their “Guidance”. Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression and Past Life Regression have become the center of my practice. I find this work extremely rewarding as it truly has a life altering impact on my clients.

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