What is Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy?

A deep hypnotic process, developed over many years, designed to reconnect you with your soul self, your guiding beings and thereby awaken an understanding of your immortal identity.

This session connects you with higher self and allows you experience your existence in the Spirit World between physical incarnations.
In this state you may have access to information about;

  • All of your previous incarnations.
  • The Souls you travel with through your lifetimes.
  • Your Primary Soulmate.
  • Your Spirit guide(s).
  • Your Life and Body selection.
  • Your Life purpose.
  • and much more

As you are guided past your physical death in your last incarnation (prior to your current one) you come in contact with your guide(s) and higher beings that help to facilitate this experience and assist in guiding you through your visit to the Spirit world. In this realm there is a review of your Soul’s journey, giving you insights into your current incarnation; is your current path and actions on “Purpose” for this lifetime.
You may visit your “Soul Group” and in doing so gain a deeper understanding of those you travel with in your many incarnations. You may find that you have special gifts and talents that you utilize in the spirit world. You may be shown your options for this incarnation and better understand why you chose your particular body for this incarnation. All throughout this process, you will receive information and energy from your guide(s) and higher beings, assisting you in recognizing your life challenges and lessons This glimpse of your Soul’s journey brings a sense of clarity, meaning and purpose to your life. It gives you the opportunity to evaluate your current direction and choices and make adjustments that reflect what you have discovered in your journey to the spirit world. It is never to late to choose again.

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