Consciousness Coaching

Consciously Create the Life You Want

We live our lives on auto-pilot, more than 60,000 thousands thoughts unconsciously moving through our minds on a daily basis.

Have you ever considered that your thoughts, emotions and beliefs are creating you physical reality?

Heather Says

“Myra will change you entire outlook on life. She is such a caring woman who holds safe space to do the real work needed to become a better version of yourself. I highly recommend Myra for any healing you need in your life. She is AMAZING!!!!”

Las Vegas, Nevada

Why Consciousness Coaching?

From the time you can hear in the womb, you are being socialized. In the first seven years of your life, you are like a sponge. Everything you see, hear and experience, you absorb without question and that becomes the basis of your belief system and view of the world. You are taught individuality and competition. You are told that life is hard and a struggle. You may even live by the motto “no pain, no gain.”

Your subconscious thoughts affirm those taught beliefs and hinder you from creating the life experience you dream of. Life is exactly as difficult as you expect it to be.

What is Consciousness Coaching?

Consciousness Coaching alters your state of awareness, perception, being and thought process. It teaches you how to live from higher-consciousness and not ego-mind.

How Does Consciousness Coaching Work?

Through one or more sessions, Myra offers you the tools and techniques to operate from your highest level of being in order to purposefully manifest that which you want to create in your life. This process helps you break free of the social programming that promotes self-imposed limiting beliefs and teaches you how to transition into a new state-of-being that removes those blocks from your life-path.

Benefits of Consciousness Coaching

Consciousness Coaching can:

  • Give you the tools to break free of your subconscious conditioning.
  • Teach you to become an observer of self.
  • Empower you to change your habits.
  • Help you develop new and positive perspective on your life experience.
  • Help you align with your life purpose.
  • Help you create the life experience you want.

Online Consciousness Coaching

Using online technology, Myra can facilitate Consciousness Coaching wherever you may be. You will need:

  • A tablet or computer with a camera and microphone.
  • A reliable internet connection.
  • A comfortable, quiet place to lie down or recline.

Consciousness Coaching with Myra Farrell, M.A.

Myra is a Certified Coach and teaches you tools and techniques to help you achieve your goals. Myra assists you in connecting with guidance and assists you to become an observer of self and gain a greater level of self awareness. She gives you methods to change thought patterns, programmed habits and beliefs that will help create a shift in your energy, enabling you to manifest the life experience you want. Myra uses a wide variety of methods that may include hypnosis to help you achieve your personal goals and assist you in living your life “on purpose.”

Price: $150 per hour*

*Packages of sessions are available. Contact Myra directly at (702) 204 -7007.

Walt Says

“Myra’s insightful ability to coach and lead me to greater personal understanding has given me a huge boost to my life’s better perspectives and approach. I’d sampled some number of life coaches prior, but have had no reason or desire to search further. I’ve recommended her, without reservation, to many friends.”

Walt A.
Logan, Utah

Still not sure if Consciousness Coaching is right for you? Myra can help.

About Myra Farrell

My passion is connecting my clients to their “Guidance”. Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression and Past Life Regression have become the center of my practice. I find this work extremely rewarding as it truly has a life altering impact on my clients.

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Quote of the day.

To Think is to Create. This is a Universal truth. The work I do consistently illuminates the ongoing struggle of self.