What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation in which our “critical mind” (conscious mind) is quieted and we are in a heightened state of suggestibility. It is a state experienced everyday by everyone. It is similar to daydreaming or the in-between state just before we fall asleep and before we wake up. There are many ways of achieving this state.

For the purposes of a Past Life Regression or Life Between Life Spiritual Regression a hypnotic state is reached by combining a series of physical relaxation techniques and guided imagery.

In this state, you can experience a heightened sense of awareness. You are always in control and remember all that transpires during a session.

About Myra Farrell

My passion is connecting my clients to their “Guidance”. Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression and Past Life Regression have become the center of my practice. I find this work extremely rewarding as it truly has a life altering impact on my clients.

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Quote of the day.

To Think is to Create. This is a Universal truth. The work I do consistently illuminates the ongoing struggle of self.